What is it?

Ouija Party is an interactive entertainment app created to 'connect with the afterlife'. It listens to the questions it is asked and, if successfully connected to a 'spirit', answers through a mechanical voice.

How does it work?

Technically, the app is merely a facilitator for communication. At its core is a combination of freeflowing verbal streams which react to the given input and ultimately respond in the format of a live-generated audio message. The choice of technologies behind it were riddled with horrific and partly inexplicable advancements in computer science, and the remaining developers went along with the events as they unraveled during one of the most deterministic agile development projects in the history of all unholy communication attempts.

Why did it come to exist?

The Ouija Party app's artificial life began in conversation between a (now sadly deceased) philosopher-programmer and the digital artist who went on to lead the production of the app. A promise was made: if the philosopher were to die, he would attempt to communicate with his friend from the afterlife.

Sadly, this foretold death did indeed come to pass. And, one cold night before Halloween, the philosopher's melancholy friend opened a book on artificial life he had given her -- resolving to build a contraption that would run ghostly infrasound input through neural networks, in an attempt to facilitate conversation between levels of existence.

Who made it?

Designer & Producer

Satu Jokinen

Lead Developer

Simon Waserman

Code Soldiers

Oloruntoba Ojo
Bertrand Nouvel

Sound Design

Leslie Deere

Kind Spirits

Robin Baumgarten
Bobby Chappel
Toby Cohen
Guy Kogus
Gwaredd Mountain
Tom Parnell
Sophie Rossetti
Maurizio Scuiar
Bruce White